Walteri Ocnear 41 Watches


 Imagine if you could change your watch to suit your mood?

Now you can switch up your timepiece to match your mood, outfit, or the time of the day with the exclusive Walteri collection of customizable watches.

Mix and match between 7 different sets, 2 dials, and 25 strap colours, to get a look that perfectly suits, and with a clever, quick release Nato strap system, it takes only 5 seconds to change your style.

We’ve named our sets after the world’s hippest cities – New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, Sydney, Miami, and Dubai – to represent the unique vibe each of these buzzy locations invokes.

Select the smart “colour blocking” of New York or opt for “stripy” Paris. Perhaps “secret agent style” London or “out of the blue” Miami will be your ideal match?

Looking for even more customization?

Take it to the next level by adding extra straps for a truly one-of-a-kind appearance – the perfect way to express your style.



Youthful, unisex, and playful, Walteri is perfect for the young, or young at heart… 

We designed a striking, innovative box to house your Walteri wristwear, so you can change your look easily and keep your timepiece looking pristine.

The Walteri watch comes separated from its straps, with your chosen 4 rolled and ready in the luxury box, waiting to be fitted by you.  The stunning gift box is of a quality typically reserved for higher priced items, offering you premium presentation at an unbelievable price point.

The ideal gift if you’re looking for a budget friendly yet chic timepiece and the perfect teenager watch for budding fashionistas.

At just 100 US$ (shipping offered) and with a 1-year full warranty, Walteri is priced for accessibility, without compromising on any of the details found on luxury watches.

Get ready to impress…



Journey deep…with the stunning Oceaner 41…

The Oceaner 41 by Walteri is a fresh take on the legendary iconic diving watches first created in the 50’s.

Featuring a perfectly sized 41 mm water resistant case, associated with an extremely reliable Japanese movement, both the polished finish and the exquisite design of the crown protector stand out.

The 2-tone bezel with 60-minute graduation is finely detailed, giving the Oceaner 41 a sleekly powerful appeal.  A gloss finish dial features unique detailing, with luminescent appliques, embossed logo, and the date at 3 o’clock, while the superbly crafted diving style hands are also luminescent.

An ultra popular choice as part of a luxury gift box set, with 4 interchangeable Nato straps offered in a choice of 25 colours, the Oceaner 41 is also available as a standalone watch with leather, stainless steel, or Nato straps.

Ideal for all your adventures, whether underwater or above ground!



Iconic design, a luxurious look and feel, and lasting endurance…

Walteri was born out of the passion of its founder, Olivier Birault, for the golden period of watchmaking – the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

From diving watches, to dual time timepieces, and classic chronographs, watches of this period were created with purpose in mind – exploring the sea, beating speed records, or piloting an airplane.

It’s from this “form follows function” principle that we draw inspiration, to create a collection of functional and beautiful timepieces, all built to last.

Our designs are an exciting fusion of effortless elegance and iconic chic, blending timeless appeal with contemporary cool, and outstanding quality with affordable luxury.

Yesterday’s classics reinterpreted for today in a stylish, colourful, way that fits your fast-paced life…